Promo Video

We will create stunning High Definition video using the most elegant editing techniques. Combined with one of our social media campaigns, this will help us reach out to a greater online audience, videos that not only look impressive but also help capture more likes, followers and shares on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

JA Manafaru Maldives


ecko Digital presents a video spectacular, showcasing the stunning JA Manafaru, part of JA Resorts & Hotels, in stunning high-definition. Explore this magnificent resort in the Maldives through the eyes of Gecko Digital and fly above pristine, white sanded beaches and snorkel with giants.

This is a breathtaking insight into one of the most luxury hotels in the world – a true sanctuary in paradise. From stunning blue waters to topical garden walks and yoga on the beach, feel JA Manafaru luxurious splendour, uploaded to YouTube and shared across social media. Getaways for the real you.

Maca Villas Seminyak


n addition to Gecko Digital’s 360 degree virtual tour or this stunning villa destination, we also offer professionally made videos and promotional videos for a range of clients. This Gecko Digital video is of Maca Villas & Spa, Bali. From the villa, to the pool and other accommodation facilities, our video productions allows for a unique insight into the Bali Dream Villa, located in Seminyak, Bali.

From morning to evening, pool to garden, butler breakfast to evening spa date, get a feel for Maca Villas & Spa, uploaded to YouTube and shared across social media.