What would it be?

We put the ‘dream’ back in to holiday marketing. With a Gecko Digital Virtual Tour we deliver cleaner, crisper and more elegant walk-throughs giving your customers a much better perspective for a more immersive experience than anything else available on the market.

marketing performance

Visit Indigo Hotel Seminyak
Up to

10% longer

Virtual tours
increase time spent
on website
A more engaged audience means viewers on your site stay for longer with reduced bounce rates and more bookings.
Get more than

87% more views

Hotel pages with a virtual tour
get more views than
those without
With a huge uptake in virtual tours, VR is rapidly becoming table stakes in tourism marketing, Listings with a virtual tour typically command more clicks and more views than those that have not embraced the trend that Gecko Digital has been pioneering.
Increase up to

16% growth

Google Search and
Street View
Google virtual tours have a direct impact on the index strength of organic search results via Google, Google Maps and Google Streetview with a 16% increase in the number of viewers who find a hotel page through a virtual tour.
More than

65% bookings

People prefer booking with
a virtual tour feature
Virtual Tours for hotels have become such an integral part of the booking process and are now starting to take center-stage in luxury tourism marketing. Because of this, more people are expecting them. Gecko Digital is uniquely poised to offer the best solutions in VR / Immersive marketing as hotels now offer integrated virtual tours as a brand standard.
More than

130% millenials

More likely to book based on a
virtual tour
Online adoption in travel marketing is trending upwards: driven by 18-34 year olds and by 'low touch' digitally empowered travellers. With this generational shift in the way people book their travel, millenials are more likely to book a hotel that has a virtual tour