Angsana Velavaru Maldives

Velavaru Island, 20177, Maldives
Aerial MainPool


Virtual Tours

Angsana Velavaru, where tropical paradise unfolds before your eyes in mesmerizing detail. Prepare to embark on a virtual journey like no other as our meticulously captured 360-degree content unveils the enchanting beauty of our island sanctuary.

Immerse yourself in the allure of the Maldives as our immersive 360-degree content transports you to the heart of the picturesque resort. Step onto powdery white sands, where turquoise waters gently lap the shore, creating a symphony of tranquility. Feel the warm embrace of the sun on your skin as you soak in the breathtaking views of endless horizons and swaying palm trees.

Explore the exquisite accommodations of Angsana Velavaru through our captivating 360-degree content. Envision yourself in beautifully appointed villas that blend traditional Maldivian charm with modern luxury. Luxuriate in the privacy of your own pool, relax on your spacious sun deck, and immerse yourself in the serenity of your surroundings. Every moment is designed to provide a haven of comfort and relaxation.