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COVID-19 Confinement: Time for Maldives to Explore Virtual Tours?

By Gecko Digital Tech Partnership

COVID-19 pandemic has grounded flights, caused travel bans all over the world and brought about lockdowns which has led everyone to stay confined at home. Efforts to contain the virus has crippled the tourism industry.

Maldives is highly dependent on tourism but experts are forecasting it will see the biggest blow to the industry in its entire history. Consequently, travelers are temporarily stranded at home but not disconnected from the world thanks to technology. So why not bring the beach to them?

With no end to the lockdown in sight, Maldives can continue to give holidaymakers a piece of the paradise destination through virtual tours.

Obviously it will not be anything equivalent to the real thing but it will surely bring some amount of joy to the people stuck at home, giving them an escape from the uncertainty everyone is facing today.

Virtual tours are popular with travelers pretty much anywhere. Tours of distant lands, from historic museums to white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, and beyond. Through them, travelers can get to enjoy eye-popping scenery from places they want to visit and explore the bucket list destinations from the comfort of their couch.

While experts are already predicting revenge travel once the situation subsides, who knows? The virtual tours of your resort or hotel may lead many an interested traveler to book Maldives as their next destination once the pandemic is over!