Maca Villas is a luxury resort set a sleepier part of Seminyak. We were approached by management to create a new concept as part of a branding re-launch.

Gecko was responsible for designing and creating their website, creating their photography, their SEO and the subsequent virtual tour. The website is a testament to a thought process engineered through days of briefing to achieve something that was elegant, sleek and highly immersive.

The idea was to create a website and virtual tour where every area could be intuitively navigated to and from every other area on the website making it easy to for the user to navigate their way round and really experience what Maca has to offer.

The Maca virtual tour allows the viewer to explore every facility, common area and villa with incredible ease. Our customised menu at the bottom of the tour enables easy navigation throughout the resort

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    Streetview Trans Test
    September 23, 2016
    Test 1
    May 16, 2016